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Vase 1 by Furutani Noriyuki
  • Vase 1 by Furutani Noriyuki


    Unique vase made by the Shigaraki based potter Furutani Noriyuki. Yuthanan went to pick some of his favorite ceramics directly from his atelier.

    He was born in 1984 as the 3rd son of Michio Furutani representing the potter in Shigaraki. He learned pottery at the Kyoto Saga University of Arts. His father Michio, who died when Noriyuki was 17 years old, is known as the author of study of hole kilns; Michio studied by visiting kilns in Japan by a bicycle for 2 years. It might have affected Noriyuki to visit kiln in Japan after graduating the university. He found different attractive from his father when he saw the speed of the potter’s wheel in Seto and the works made by Takashi Nakazato with the kicking potter’s wheel. The next year he was back from his trip, he met Takashi Nakazato, who stayed to make works in Shigaraki, again and he became his assistant immediately. Mr. Nakazato often make works at places which is not only in Japan, but also in foreign countries. ; Takashi went to the USA after staying in Shigaraki, in Denmark the next year. He stays at Hananoki kiln of Fujio Koyama in every year for some months , and Noriyuki follows him. Noriyuki says that not only technical aspect such as the kicking wheel, but also the life aspect such as cooking and eating would affect his works of pottery, therefore he continue to learn a lot from Takashi.


    古谷宣幸は 1984 年、 信楽を代表する陶芸家、故 古谷道生の三男として生まれる。育った環境もあり、京都嵯峨芸術大学 に進学し、陶芸を学び始める。 古谷が17歳の夏に亡くなった父の道生さんは、2年程をかけて全国の窯を自転車で訪ねたエピソードや穴窯の研究をまとめた著書 「穴窯 - 築窯と焼成 -」などでも知られるが少なからずその影響もあったのだろう。大学卒業後、古谷は全国の窯業地を訪ねる旅に出る。瀬戸・赤津の職人の轆轤のスピードや唐津の隆太窯などで見た中里隆氏の蹴り轆轤で作る器の仕事に父親の仕事とはまた違った魅力を強く感じた。旅から戻った翌年、地元信楽で滞在し制作する中里氏と再会した古谷はすぐさまアシスタントとなる。中里氏は 唐津以外の場所で制作することも多く、翌年にはアメリカ、その翌年にはデンマーク、小山富士夫の花ノ木窯へと毎年、数ヶ月間 は同行し、蹴り轆轤などの技術的な側面だけでなく、共に料理を作り、共に食事をすることで生活の在り方が「陶芸に繋がる」と多くのことを現在も学び続けている。




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